utilities management

Let us provide you with a turnkey solution to manage your utilities better. We can show you how to reduce consumption, reduce losses, and reduce your overall utilities expenses

Water Metering

We have a variety of solutions available to measure and manage this precious resource. With technology always improving, we stay up to date with the latest equipment available

Electricity Metering

How do you recover your tenants electricity usage? Are your accounts paid on time? Let us show you how to manage your electricity better. The Smart Way

Solar Energy

Through our experience and knowledge in metering, we are further equipped to provide our clients with a customised alternative energy solution. Whether you need battery backup for your home office or if you would like to take your entire commercial property or residential estate off grid, we have the solutions. We hold your hand through the entire process.


Looking for even more savings. We can provide you with solar water heating and heat pump systems that drastically reduce your overall energy consumption.

Honeywell Prepaid Water Meter With Wireless Keypad
Honeywell Prepaid Water Meter Wireless Keypad

prepaid meters

what is a prepaid meter?

A device used for the collection of revenue in relation to the consumption of electricity or water. Revenue is “pre-paid” by a tenant purchasing units of electricity(kWh-kilowatt hours) or water(KL-kilo litres) in the form of a 20 digit token that will be manually entered into the meter, allowing the tenant to consume electricity or water until his units have been used up and the meter shuts off water or electricity to the premises. The tenant will then need to reload the meter to continue consuming electricity or water. Call us now to find out more.

Is a prepaid meter the solution for you?

Are your owners tired of subsidizing their neighbors water and electricity usage?

Are your tenants not paying their bills?

Are you physically reading meters every month?

Do you spend too much time and money on administrative tasks like producing bills, collections and running after your money?

Are you developing a multi tenanted new property?

If you say yes to any of these questions then PREPAID METERS are the answer.

WHAT are the benefits of prepaid meters?

  • ·        Most simple form of electricity & water revenue collection.
  • ·        No billing or physical revenue collection. Revenue is collected via prepaid sales and paid to account holder on a monthly basis with a full purchase report so that municipal account can be paid.
  • ·        Consumer has full control over water and electricity usage as balance remaining can be monitored via the meter screen or keypad.
  • ·        Various options available to purchase water and electricity tokens including online purchasing.
  • ·        If you run out of units on meter, water or electricity will be shut off.
  • ·        Leak detection available to consumer side of water meter.
  • ·        Individual unit water and electricity consumption can be monitored.
  • ·        Faulty or tampered meters monitored on a monthly basis.
  • ·        Water usage can be further controlled by limiting high consumption users to a daily limit.

smart meters

what is a smart meter?

An electronic device used for reading the consumption of electricity or water and automatically communicating this information for the purposes of monitoring and billing. A “post paid” solution that does away with manual meter reads and provides monthly, daily and even hourly consumption data. An easy way to manage your water and electricity consumption.


what are the benefits of smart meters?

  • No need for manual meter reads and struggling with access into properties resulting in estimated readings and billing.
  • A means of early detection of possible water leaks on a property.
  • Access to an online portal displaying monthly, daily and hourly consumption.
  • Can be used as a check meter to manage municipal accounts and ensure municipal invoices are correct.
  • Easily adjust monthly water usage limits and automatic notifications.
  • Avoid Huge Unexpected Municipal Accounts
  • Bill individual tenants for their consumption
Smart Meter Dashboard
Smart Water Meter

Our services include

Tariff Analysis & Bill Verification

Measurement & Energy Reconciliation

Automated Meter Reading(AMR) Advanced Metering Infrasrtucture(AMI)

Metering Installations


Revenue collection management


354 prepaid water meters installed in a residential complex in just one month

BVTech not only did a most efficient job of installing the meters. Nazeer has also held the trustees’ and management’s hands in reporting monthly to one of our Managers’ Projects meetings to discuss the month’s consumption figures.”

“We are extremely happy with the service we have received from BVTech and from Nazeer himself. So much so that I have even singled them out for special thanks in my Chairman’s Report to the members of the BC.

Smart water meter installed in a residential house

By using the readings from the water meter, we were able to test the 3 water lines and isolate the source of the problem, being a large leak (800 liters per day) on one of the lines. We were able to fix the problem within 24 hours after installing the water meter, and the daily usage reduced immediately to within the limits set by the City of Cape Town under the current water restrictions.

The result is not just a saving of around R1 000 per month, but now it is easy to take weekly readings ourselves to ensure that we stay within the limits as determined by the City. This relatively small capital expense for the meter and installations will effectively save us thousands of rands in the future.

Nazeer and his team were efficient, very helpful and knowlegable and we highly recommend their services.

3 Residential complexes in need of water meters

We as the Managing Agents of 3 Block of Flats in Gordon’s Bay have been working with Nazeer Railoun since June 2017, specifically in relation to the installation of pre-paid water meters in all 3 blocks amounting to 292 pre-paid meters.

Our experience with BVECHSA has been a pleasant one, whenever new water meters of this nature are installed there are obvious teething problems, which Nazeer has always attended to timeously.

prepaid electricity meter installed in a residential house

Thank you Bvtechsa for your help with installing a ‘true’ smart electricity prepaid meter. We were really impressed by how quick Nazier were able to identify that the previous prepaid meter wasn’t a smart meter even though the company claimed it to be and how he was able to identify within a couple of minutes how the people were bypassing that system. Even the recall when we needed help was done quick and efficient and Nazier didn’t see this as an opportunity to charge a call out fee every time. Thank you for you heart in really wanting to help and using such good quality equipment that could do what it said it can do.

Our Pricing

Prepaid Water Meter

SPECIAL from R2150

Including VAT

Including Keypad

Excluding Installation

Smart Water Meter

SPECIAL from R1500

Including VAT

No Keypad Required – View Data Through the BVTechSA APP

Excluding Installation

Prepaid Electricity Meter

from R441

Including VAT

Integrated Keypad

Excluding Installation

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